General Information

Swimming Groups


12 months - 3.5 / 4yrs
Lessons at residence in Pioneer Park
Toddlers swim in a group with other toddlers and parents.
A mom, dad or other adult familiar to the toddler MUST swim with.
Classes duration 15 – 20 min.
Toddlers not FULLY potty trained must wear SWIMMERS NAPPIES AND PANTS or costumes that
that fit snugly around legs and top to prevent 'accidents' spilling into the pool.


4 Years and older
For swimmers who are either complete beginners, or can ‘sort-of’ swim a bit
Lessons at residence in Pioneer Park
Max 2 pupils swim per class of 20 min
Adult lessons are presented at New Active


Once swimmers can comfortably swim 20m and float independently (safety being our first priority), they are ready to start learning the 4 competitive strokes.
Max 4 swimmers p/class for 30 min.
Parents whose children can comfortably swim 20m are asked to no longer sit in on classes.


Please don't be late, since classes run from and to set times !!
If you miss lessons- for whatever reason, they CANNOT be caught up


  • Swimming caps are compulsory !!
  • Please blow noses and go to the toilet before classes.
  • Swimmers with ANY contagious sickness MAY NOT swim until they are well. We do not want other swimmers or instructors getting sick too.
  • If necessary, bring asthma pumps for children with asthma.
  • There is no swimming if there is thunder or lightning! This is for the safety of everybody concerned.
  • Do not allow swimmers to: - Eat from 20 min before the class starts
  • Swim before the class, should you arrive early.


  • Should there be intentional non-co-operation from a pupil, they may be asked to leave the pool for the remainder of the class. This does not happen often, and is for your benefit, so that future lessons are more productive.
  • We ask that parents interfere as little as possible during classes.
  • Criticizing children does not motivate them.
  • Should it REALLY be necessary you may intervene, it is however more constructive if you discuss your concerns with the instructor outside of your child's earshot.
  • Praise and encouragement or a reward as motivation is always welcome and works well for younger swimmers.
  • Parents whose children can competently swim 20m are requested not to sit-in on classes.